EI8HT BY AVROX – Recovery


EI8HT Recovery Pack of 14 sachets

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EI8HT: Recovery – For the person who travels or just has a busy life and needs a fatigue fighter!

EI8HT: Recovery uses ingredients commonly found in many food and drink products – there is no sugar and no artificial colours, nor any novel or engineered materials.

Our research focused on how to exploit the properties of natural ingredients in specific quantities, in a specific way.  We’ve sweetened the taste and added plenty of iron and vitamin B12 – the standard anti-fatigue stuff.


The supplement market today is flooded with vitamins and mineral tablets that dissolve in water after a few minutes. We’ve re-imagined the functional experience and improved it – our add-to-water formula starts to work in minutes and pours effortlessly.

We’ve taken iron and vitamin B12 – classic fatigue fighters that contribute to oxygen transport in the body – and enhanced them with our patented oxygen delivery technology.

Water doesn’t naturally hold additional oxygen, so creating a product that enabled it to do that posed a unique research challenge.  Five years of research with Oxford University led to a breakthrough in the creation of a formula capable of capturing and delivering oxygen efficiently in the body for the first time ever.


Ingredients: Purified water, glycerine, acid (citric acid), emulsifiers (lecithin from sunflower), natural flavouring, sweetener (stevia), mineral and vitamin complex (ferrous sulphate, vitamin B12), preservative (potassium sorbate).  Contains liquorice: people suffering from hypertension should avoid excessive consumption.

EI8HT Recovery Pack available in sizes of 14 sachets.


Directions for use:

Add EI8HT to Water.

Tear the top of the sachet completely and pour EI8HT into a bottle containing around 200ml of plain water.  Ensure the bottle has a headspace, roughly 1/3 of the bottle volume.  The friction between the formula and the water in this headspace enables the micro-bubbles to be activated.

Shake to activate.  Replace the bottle cap and shake vigorously for 30 seconds to activate and create the micro-bubbles.

Drink within 15 minutes.

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